After being criticized for photoshopping glam photographs, Khloe Kardashian encourages people to’mind your business.’


KHLOE Kardashian wrote “mind your own business” after she was slammed for photoshopping recent pictures.

Taking to Instagram stories, Khloe’s post read in bold black text against a bright pink background: “Show love and mind your own business. It’s a lifestyle.”

Another quote Khloe posted read: “Always remember to work hard, be consistent and never give up.

“Results don’t happen overnight, they happen over time.”

A third said: “You cannot compete with me. I want you to win too.”

Khloe’s clapback came after fans claimed her new blonde locks looked “Barbie-like” backstage at SNL, accused the star of photoshopping her butt, identifying a slight curve in the wall behind her and questioned Khloe’s abs in last week’s nude bikini post.

Additionally, at SNL Kim apparently banned jokes about her sister Khloe’s photoshop & cheating drama.

The quotes were posted Tuesday about ten minutes after Khloe posted an Instagram photo of her in a $4K Chanel catsuit getting into a Ferrari, flaunting her curves.

Fans have been keeping up with more than just the Kardashians, but have also been keeping up with Khloe’s faces.

Critics have pointed out how Khloe often times looks like a totally different person.

In the past, Khloe has admitted to lip fillers and she’s openly said she may have got some cosmetic work done, recently confessing that she has had a nose job.

However, the internet analyzes Khloe’s appearance every time she shares a selfie where she looks undoubtedly unrecognizable than in her previous photos.

At times the reality stars chin appears pointier, her waist and face appear skinnier and the tip of her nose could look thinner.

Experts told Insider that the changes to the KUWTK star may be a mixture of surgery, weight loss and photo filters.

Last week, Khloe dropped other cryptic posts about “overthinking and over-loving” after her ex Tristan Thompson “begged her to take him back.”

The KUWTK star shared the series of posts late as she mused over “genuine intentions” and “happiness” in the cryptic messages.

The first of the three posts shared by the mother-of-one detailed: “I overthink, I over love, I over care.

“But once I’m over it, it’s over with.”

In a possible sly dig to baby daddy Tristan, 30, a second followed: “You’ll always win when you move with love and genuine intentions. Always”

A third concluded: “Happiness is the real rich. Health is the real wealth. Kindness is the real cool. And peace of mind is the real bag.”

Khloe’s cryptic codes came days after The Sun exclusively revealed how Khloe’s cheating baby daddy Tristan Thompson was “BEGGING her to take him back”.

The NBA star is now on his… Brinkwire Brief News.


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