After being caught with a large amount of drugs, a rapper was sentenced to 28 months in prison.


After being caught with a large amount of drugs, a rapper was sentenced to 28 months in prison.

Nines, a rapper from the United Kingdom, has been sentenced to prison for smuggling roughly 62 pounds of cannabis into the country. With the help of his 35-year-old accomplice Jason Thompson, the 31-year-old rapper — whose actual name is Courtney Freckleton — was discovered smuggling the substance into the country. According to a BBC story, Freckleton will serve 28 months in prison for the act, which has sparked a massive online controversy among followers.

Authorities suspect Freckleton and Thompson conspired to smuggle cannabis into the United Kingdom. The two used Bitcoin to buy a large amount of illegal cannabis in another country, then arranged for it to be disguised on boilers arriving from Poland. Some aspects of their criminal operation are still unknown, and because it is multinational, it may be beyond the jurisdiction of local law enforcement. In the meantime, despite rising acceptance around the world, cannabis remains a class B narcotic in the United Kingdom. Some fans believe Freckleton is being treated unfairly.

Free nines, this is the finest UK rap intro of all time. https:t.coMwBwVibT1u pic.twitter.comK7af3cGCV https:t.coMwBwVibT1u Freckleton, according to the other plotters, was the “big boss” of the entire conspiracy. Freckleton, who performs under the stage name Nines, had a number-one single last year and received the Mobo Award for best hip hop music act. His album Crabs In A Bucket was also a hit in the United States.

Freckleton is also the father of two children and has a history of drug charges. He was previously sentenced to 18 months in prison for possessing marijuana with the intent to sell it. He was apprehended in this case with the help of French officials using the encrypted messaging software Encrochat, which is said to be used by thousands of criminals throughout the world.

Freckleton and Thompson were apprehended for the first time in June, when police raided the houses of a number of suspected drug dealers based on information obtained through the Encrochat infiltration. “What a waste of all that skill to be put in Wormwood Scrubs,” Judge Rosa Dean exclaimed as she sentenced them. Of course, cannabis possession or sale is prohibited in a smaller percentage of the world than it has ever been, and the area where it is legal is shrinking all the time. Cannabis is still illegal under federal law in the United States, but it is currently authorized for recreational use in 19 states and medical use in another 20. Nebraska has decriminalized it, but it is still illegal… Summary of Entertainment News from Brinkwire.


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