After an Instagram image with her husband and Misha book, Danneel Ackles was nicknamed “marketing queen.”


After an Instagram image with her husband and Misha book, Danneel Ackles was nicknamed “marketing queen.”

Jensen Ackles’ Instagram photo of her posing with Misha Collins’ new book has gone viral, with users gushing over her caption: ‘throw me into the water.’

Danneel Ackles has resurfaced as a topic of conversation on Twitter. On October 11, the ‘One Tree Hill’ actress nearly rocked the internet when she shared an Instagram image with her husband Jensen Ackles. It wasn’t just any photo, either. The image appeared to be a promotion for Misha Collins’ new book, ‘Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You,’ which she wrote and acted in. We can’t say for sure if it was, but it’s a popular theory on social media.

When Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins confirmed the end of ‘Supernatural’ with season 15 in March 2019, they nearly shattered the internet. Both performers got a fresh start at the end of the film, with Jensen forming a production company with his wife. Misha became famous after sharing a selfie from the 2021 Oscars with close friend Darius Marder. But it’s difficult to stay apart after 15 years together.

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Did Bill Clinton and Misha Collins had an affair? As the Monica Lewinsky report resurfaces, supernatural stardom is on the rise. Bella Thorne wears a revealing monochrome bikini in a sensual video to promote her new book. In an Instagram post, Daneel acknowledged the trio’s bond. Despite the fact that Misha was not in the picture, he was tagged since his book was. Misha’s first poetry collection, the book is a collection of his poems. According to the description, the book is a “a collection of little reflections and remarks It’s full of contemplative moments and a love letter to basic pleasures.” It will be launched on October 12, 2021, and most big merchants will have it.

‘Thank you for the peek.’

Despite the fact that the book has not yet been released, it appears that the Ackles have obtained an advance copy. Misha allegedly sent the pair a copy, according to Danneel’s Instagram post, and they wasted no time in reading it. Jensen was photographed reading a book in front of a fireplace. Danneel captioned the photo, saying, “We thought we knew everything after 13 years… We didn’t, as it turned out. As it turns out… @Misha, our friend, is a 137-page open book. Seeing into a friend’s soul is a blessing. Mish, thank you for the sneak peek and the page turner.” As it spread from Instagram to the rest of the internet, it quickly broke the internet. The post had 107,893 likes at the time of publication. Misha is also tagged in the post, which you can see above. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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