After an emergency meeting, Manchester United chiefs are ‘undecided’ about firing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.


After an emergency meeting, Manchester United executives are ‘undecided’ about sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Following their meeting on Sunday evening, Manchester United’s board of directors has yet to make a decision on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s future, but it’s widely assumed that his position is at best uncertain.

After an emergency meeting with the club’s board following the team’s humiliating 4-1 defeat to Watford, Manchester United are still undecided on whether or not to remove Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from his position.

United’s hierarchy held a virtual meeting on Sunday evening to discuss Solskjaer’s position after the Norwegian coach suffered his fifth defeat in seven Premier League games, putting the club 12 points behind league leaders Chelsea.

Following the full-time whistle, boos were directed at Solskjaer as he attempted to approach the away support while ‘waving’ or ‘acknowledging’ the fans.

Some have speculated that the gesticulations were a goodbye wave, but Solskjaer refused to acknowledge this after the game.

The defeat was described as “embarrassing” by goalkeeper David de Gea, who added, “It’s easy to blame the manager or the staff, but sometimes it’s the players.”

According to Sky Sports, United’s board of directors has yet to decide whether or not to end Solskjaer’s tenure as manager.

“I am working for and with the club,” Solskjaer said.

Of course, we have good communication, and if the club is considering doing something, we talk about it.”

The meeting between board members will undoubtedly take place, but United players must take responsibility for their recent performances, which Carragher described as “scandulous.”

“I mean, what are they going to talk about at the board meeting?” he asked.

“I don’t think the board meeting will go on for very long.”

It’s approaching the point where it’ll be impossible to continue.

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“We all know Manchester United will have a new manager sooner or later, but when it gets to this point, you look at Ole as a person and think it’s not good for him.”

“And Watford are pretty bad; I’ve seen a lot of them this season, and for some of those players to lose 4-1 is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.”

We all know the manager will leave, and the story will quickly move on.

“However, some of those players’ performances this season have been shocking.”


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