After a ‘worrying drop,’ a gardening expert offers the best plants to attract pollinators.


After a ‘worrying drop,’ a gardening expert offers the best plants to attract pollinators.

After a “worrying drop in numbers,” a GARDENING expert has highlighted the best plants to attract pollinators. Some of these plants, according to the garden expert, are “total gold for animals.”

Pollinators are an important aspect of our natural ecosystems because they help to keep habitats and crops alive. So, how can we help them grow in our own backyards? Morris Hankinson, Managing Director of Hopes Grove Nurseries, discussed which plants are excellent for pollinators.

Hopes Grove Nurseries, based in Tenterden, Kent, has been in operation for 27 years and grows roughly one million hedge plants on 50 acres of land.

The nurseries also provide plants for the ITV show Love Your Garden on a monthly basis.

“Mixed native hedging” is the “number one thing” they sell for pollinators, according to Mr Hankinson.

“Our mixed native hedging is our number one thing for pollinators and wildlife in general,” he said.

Hedging is a method of re-creating the natural hedgerows that can be found across the countryside.

“Whether it’s in a more suburban location or if you’ve got a larger plot,” he continued.

“That’s something we sell a lot of, and it’s excellent for pollinators.

“Because you have a wide variety of native plants with different flowering seasons, and then a lot of them turn into herbs, berries, roses, crab apples, and other things.

“They’re also beneficial to the larger wildlife.”

Birds can use the hedging as a nesting spot.

The hedges are suitable for use as “boundary hedges” and are supplied pot grown, ready to be planted in the ground.

“You don’t need a large stretch of it; simply a few meters is fantastic because you’ll still get a variety of species,” he continued.

“Instead of planting them as a hedge, put them around as individual shrubs if you have a lot more room and want to establish a wildlife refuge.

“You may then add a tiny wildflower patch on top of that.

“For the fauna, it’s absolute gold.”

Because of the “worrying drop” in wildlife numbers, the gardening expert believes it is critical to plant wildlife in our gardens.

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“I believe that removing hedgerows from agricultural areas, as well as development in general and pesticide use, has had a significant impact on their numbers,” he continued.

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