After a violent Christine showdown, Heather Rae-Young of Selling Sunset storms off the stage.


After a violent Christine showdown, Heather Rae-Young of Selling Sunset storms off the stage.

After ten episodes of tension, the stars of SELLING SUNSET came to blows, and Heather stormed off the program.

The fourth season of Netflix’s real estate reality series, which launched on Wednesday, has finally returned to the platform. Heather had a furious battle with co-star Christine Quinn in Episode 10, which caused her to walk off the show and raise worries about her future on Selling Sunset.

Christine Quinn, the diva, came dangerously close to busting with practically every member of the Oppenheim Group throughout the series.

After having problems with the other ladies in season four, the ladies were reunited at the season four closing party, where Heather sought to ease the palpable tension.

Heather made the statement at the moment, “You’re late gal,” after arriving three hours late.

“Well, you know, fashionably late,” Christine remarked.

“All of us females want to talk to you and just clear the air with everything,” Heather said after bringing up their issue.

“You want me to let it happen,” Christine’s husband Christian Richard interjected, and she added, “I’m so good.”

Heather comforted, “Not in a terrible manner, we just don’t want any more,” but Christine interrupted her before she could finish her sentence, saying, “I’m so good, I don’t need like, you know,” referring to the encounter.

Clearly agitated “OK, you guys forget it,” Heather exclaimed as she rushed out at the finale party.

“She simply pretended like nothing, she goes ‘I’m good,'” Heather told Tarek outside.

“What is she going to say?” Tarek said. “She acts like an a*****e to everyone, and she’s embarrassed about her conduct.”

Heather explained, “I just wanted to clarify the air.”

“She can’t talk because she knows she’s wrong, that’s why she has nothing to say,” Tarek comforted her.

“You can’t s**t on people and expect them to give you anything; let her go, who cares.”

“When she’s wrong, she talks s**t about other people, and these are the consequences – it’s called Karma.”

There have been squabbles and arguments throughout Season 4, with Christine serving as the common denominator.

It all started when she approached newbie Emma Hernan, claiming they “shared” an ex and that she had seen them together after he proposed to her.

Christine even speculated that Emma’s mysterious ex may have proposed to her with the identical ring. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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