After a tragic plane crash, a Grammy-nominated singer died at the age of 26.


Following a tragic plane crash, a Grammy-nominated singer died at the age of 26.

Marlia Mendonça, a Brazilian singer, died in a plane crash, according to a statement posted to her Instagram page by her representatives.

She was 26 years old when she committed suicide.

Four more people were killed in the crash, which is still being investigated by Brazilian authorities.

Mendonça was on her way to Caratinga to give a performance.

According to CNN Brazil, the plane crashed in Minas Gerais state on Friday afternoon.

PEC Taxi Aereo owned the plane, which was a twin-engine Beech Aircraft.

At 1:05 p.m., it took off.

GMT from Gioania’s Santa Genoveva airport.

The local fire department rushed to the accident scene, but the plane’s five passengers, including the crew, were killed in the crash.

The crash’s cause is unknown.

Marilia Mendonça (@mariliamendoncacantora) shared a post on her Instagram account.

“We confirm the death of singer-songwriter Marlia Mendonça, her producer Henrique Ribeiro, her uncle and advisor Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho, and the pilot and co-pilot, whose names we will not reveal at this time,” reads a statement in Portuguese posted on the singer’s Instagram page Friday evening, according to Billboard.

“From Goiania, the plane flew to Caratinga, where Marlia was scheduled to perform tonight.

This is the most recent information we have.”

Mendonça began writing songs when she was 12 years old and now has over 8 million Spotify listeners and 22 million YouTube subscribers.

Mendonça performed a live set on YouTube in April 2020, during the first peak of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, which drew over 3.3 million viewers at once.

She also charted at No. 6 on Billboard’s Social 50 list.

Her album Em Todos os Cantos, which she released in 2019, was a smash hit in Brazil, selling over 240,000 copies.

The album received a Latin Grammy nomination for best serteneja music album.

Mendonça rose to prominence in 2016 after releasing her self-titled live album.

Realidade (2017) and Agora é Que So Elas 2 (2018) are her other albums.

Mendonça leaves behind a son, Leo, who was born in December of this year.

According to Entertainment Tonight, his father is artist Murilo Huff.


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