After a terrifying attack, EastEnders’ Whitney Dean sustains life-altering injuries?


After a terrifying attack, EastEnders star Whitney Dean suffers life-altering injuries?

As her feud with Gray Atkins escalates, EASTENDERS star Whitney Dean could face life-altering injuries in upcoming scenes on the BBC soap.

Whitney (Shona McGarty) has been on a crusade to expose Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) as a killer since discovering his first wife, Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer), was murdered.

Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) is in danger now that the EastEnders villain has married her and intercepted her plans to leave him.

While Whitney tries to help her, it appears that the iconic character may suffer as a result of a phony argument in upcoming scenes on the BBC soap.

Chelsea continues to be concerned about her premature baby in the hospital during Friday night’s episode of the weeknight serial drama.

She hasn’t left his side since giving birth to Jordan, but in the next installment, she will return to Walford.

She has seen a softer side to her husband since their baby was born, but she is still unsure if she can trust him completely.

Whitney has also paid a visit to the hospital to pleading with her friend to be careful, and the two have finally reunited at the club.

Unfortunately, when the killer shows up and sees the two women talking together, they must think quickly on their feet.

Gray is well aware that Whitney is on to him, and she may have sway over his new wife’s thoughts and plans.

Chelsea throws a drink in her friend’s face, humiliating her in public, because she doesn’t want her violent husband to take it out on her.

Unfortunately, if the drink is laced with acid and leaves Whitney with life-altering injuries, this could have serious consequences for her.

As viewers are aware, a far-right group has been operating in the shadows of Walford, planning attacks left, right, and center.

They may have put acid in the drink, but the attack would still be blamed on Chelsea.

Shona is a master of tragedy.

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The burns inflicted as a result of the acid attack would be visible because it was on her face.

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Shona plays tragedy so well

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