After a “suggestive” question at a press conference, Elvis Presley was left “blushing.”


After a “suggestive” question at a press conference, Elvis Presley was left “blushing.”

ELVIS PRESLEY served in the army for nearly two years after being recruited, but when an actress asked him about his dance routines at a press conference upon his return, he felt a little ashamed.

When Elvis Presley realized he had been drafted into the US Army, he was horrified. In Memphis, Tennessee, on March 24, 1958, the singer was inducted into the army. On September 22, that same year, he was transferred to Friedberg, Germany, where he stayed for over two years. The star was flown back to the United States on March 2, 1960, and held a press conference at Fort Dix. Numerous fans and journalists from all of the major music and news outlets were in attendance.

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Tina Louise, a Hollywood actress, was also present.

Tina was well recognized at the time for her roles in The Hangman, Day of the Outlaw, and The Trap, among others. She went on to star in the TV show Gilligan’s Island.

Tina’s presence in Variety’s March 9, 1960 issue was highlighted by David Bittan, who wrote that Tina appeared in a “tight white dress… with her bright red hair bursting out of a turban.”

Tina made the King of Rock and Roll blush significantly when she asked a question regarding his dance movements, according to the author.

“Are you still going to utilize provocative movements?” Tina said as Elvis took questions regarding his comeback to the stage after two years.

He responded that his on-stage movements were “natural” and that he “would not” change them.

“Unless my fans desired a change,” he continued.

The King also dismissed predictions that his music would take on a more “adult” tone now that he was out of the service.

During the press conference, Elvis also told Variety, “I’m always homesick.” I’d give anything to get my neck back. You simply don’t know.”

This isn’t surprising, given how emphatic the King was about not wanting to stay in the army any longer than he needed to.

During his army service, Elvis wrote a confidential letter to his friend Alan Fortas, titled “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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