After a “spoiler” in the broadcast, Bake Off fans are unhappy with Jason Manford.


After a “spoiler” in the broadcast, Bake Off fans are unhappy with Jason Manford.

Fans of the Great British Bake Off were outraged when comedian Jason Manford announced the show’s winner in a social media “spoiler warning.”

Comic Jason Manford, 40, remarked on Twitter that winning the Great British Bake Off was a “pleasure Brits can only dream of” after the Channel 4 show announced the winner tonight. The series winner was Giuseppe Dell’Anno, a 45-year-old engineer from Bristol.

While viewers expressed their delight at the news, Jason rushed to Twitter to express his feelings about the baker’s success.

The comedian quipped that Britons were on a losing trend against their European counterparts in a number of competitions.

However, because they hadn’t yet watched the show, some spectators were upset when Jason revealed the winner’s name.

He wrote to his 395,000 followers, “First the Euros, now the Great British Bake Off!” This year, the Italians are destroying us!” Sophie, a Twitter user, added, “And Eurovision.” “Three out of three.” “Bl***y hell!” Jason retorted. “What’s the point?” says the narrator. “Don’t forget the 4x100m Olympic Men’s Relay,” said commentator Martin Perry. “Ah guy!” exclaimed the British comedian. What must it be like to be Italian right now [right now]? We Brits can only dream of such happiness!” Jon Kay, a Twitter user, reacted to Jason’s comment in a post posted by Giuseppe Dell’Anno (@giuseppecooks), writing: “Oh, congratulations for that!” After releasing the winner’s name minutes after the Channel 4 show concluded, the individual in question was enraged by the comedian’s “spoiler.”

“Well, get off Twitter, ya lemon!” Jason retorted. “Hasn’t anyone watched The Likely Lads? (hashtag)SpoilerAlert!” (sic) “You a***!” exclaimed Lee Emmans, sarcastically. Sky failed us by not recording the show, so we’ll have to watch it on plus 1. “It’s lost a little of its suspense now.” Holly Willoughby creates a frenzy as the event’s host oozes glitz and glam[LATEST] Lou Cutell, star of Seinfeld and Grey’s Anatomy, has died at the age of 91. [TRIBUTES] Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard star that have been unearthed will leave you speechless[PICTURES] “Well, keep off social media, ya duck egg!” Jason replied. Imagine not wanting to know the outcome of a situation and then going on social media to find out!” Meanwhile, after being crowned the winner of Bake Off, Giuseppe rushed to Instagram to thank his supporters for their support.

His beautiful baking and precision-engineered bakes, with a dash of Italian flair, have pleased judges throughout the tournament.

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