After a solo online fan meet, GOT7’s Jay B receives a surprise video greeting from Jay Park.


Jay B’s online fan meet had a total of 1,800 fans from 150 countries. The event was topped off by a congratulatory video message from Jay Park

All seven members of GOT7 are doing what they do best and providing fan with more and more content over the past few months. All seven of them have also released solo music projects. Late in August, Jay B, the leader of GOT7 released his first solo album under his new label, ‘Somo:Fume’ on August 26. Soon after it’s release the album topped many domestic charts and charted in many countries. Jay B Went all out in his promotions, packing in music show performances as well as the “BTWChallenge” to popularize the title track for his album.

After completing most of the activities for his album, Jay B has now successfully also completed his first global online fan meeting since he went solo. The global fan meet was live streamed on the platform, ‘Bbangya TV’ from South Korea. Fans of Jay B from America, Europe, and many countries in Asia joined in and 1,800 global participants were tallied, coming in from 150 countries.

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Jay B’s online fan meeting

As many fans participated in Jay B’s first solo online meeting held globally, they reported to have enjoyed many of the events that Jay B had prepared for them. The events from Jay B at the fanmeet included a talk from Jay B himself while he spoke about his album. Fans were also able to converse with Jay B where they asked him a few questions during a Q&A session while fans also presented their concerns to Jay B who answered them as fans played fun Korean children’s games with Jay B.

The event continued on for two hours as global fans were able to build a precious memory with their favorite idol. Jay B interacted with fans by watching the videos they made for him and took virtual selfies together. After the event came to an end, Jay B was surprised with a congratulatory message from Jay Park who is the CEO of H1ghr Music.

Earlier, Jay Park was featured in Jay B’s ‘B.T.W’ which served as the title track on his album. Jay B and Jay Park’s intercations while they promoted the song together was loved and appreciated by a lot of fans worldwide.

Jay B performs his new album live

The fanmeet marks the first. Brinkwire Brief News.


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