After a skating clue, The Masked Singer’s Firework was ‘unveiled’ as Atomic Kitten’s star?


After a skating clue, The Masked Singer’s Firework was ‘unveiled’ as Atomic Kitten’s star.

After deciphering some subtle clues, viewers of THE MASKED SINGER believe Firework is a member of the girl group Atomic Kitten.

On Saturday night, The Masked Singer returned with a special movie-themed episode.

The episode featured masked celebrities singing classic movie songs.

On Saturday, Firework was the first colorful character to take the stage, singing Fame from the Broadway musical of the same name.

ITV viewers, on the other hand, quickly took to Twitter after seeing the performance to speculate on who might be behind the mask.

Fireworks appeared to split the panel, with the judges unable to determine whether or not the performer was a professional singer.

It’s possible that Anne-Marie is hiding behind the mask, as Jonathan Ross speculated.

Fans at home, on the other hand, were convinced that the mask belonged to another singing star.

Several Twitter users speculated that Firework might be Kerry Katona, who was a member of the Atomic Kitten.

@kazza091064 predicted that “Firework is Kerry Katona! (hashtag)TheMaskedSingerUK.”

“(hashtag)TheMaskedSingerUK singer Firework is Kerry Catona!” @Kristin1406 tweeted.

@Louise04200701 tweeted, “(hashtag)Firework is Kerry Katona, I believe (hashtag)themaskedsingeruk.”

@McGuireJen tweeted, “Throwing out- Kerry Katona (hashtag)MaskedSinger.”

Some people remembered Kerry from ITV’s Dancing on Ice after seeing a clue about ice skating before Firework’s performance.

@olly_michael96 tweeted, “There are many clues that lead to the conclusion that Firework is Kerry Katona (hashtag)MaskedSingerUK (hashtag)maskedsinger.”

Firework offered up two lies and a truth, giving the judges and viewers at home some hints.

“You’re going to hear three clues, but only one of them will be true,” host Joel Dommett explained.

“I don’t like waste, but I’ve dumped before,” the first clue said.

Some viewers mistook this for a reference to Kerry, the star of Atomic Kitten.

“Kerry Katona,” says the character.

“Recently (hashtag)MaskedSinger wore her own garbage as clothes,” @paddy40 said.

On Channel 4’s Trash Monsters, the singer wore a trash-themed outfit.

“You couldn’t make it up how I beat 900 people,” Fireworks said in his second clue.

They revealed the final clue by saying, “I made a real impression with something I wore.”

Viewers will have to tune in to find out if Firework is Kerry Katona.


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