After a savage clue, fans of The Masked Singer in the United Kingdom are “convinced” that Firework is the Love Island winner.


After a savage clue, fans of The Masked Singer in the United Kingdom are “convinced” that Firework is the Love Island winner.

After last weekend’s The Masked Singer UK, social media was ablaze with guesses, but one character in particular continues to perplex the judges, and fans believe they know who it is.

On this year’s ITV show, fans of The Masked Singer UK believe they’ve “rumbled” one of the greatest secrets.

Firework has continued to perplex the judging panel, which includes Rita Ora, 30, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, and Mo Gilligan, on the bizarre show.

While many people think it’s Our Girl actress Michelle Keegan hiding behind the mask, others think it’s Love Island’s Paige Turley, based on some of the key clues.

Paige had already achieved fame as a singer on Britain’s Got Talent before falling in love with Finn Tapp.

A few hints led viewers to believe that the TV star is Firework, with one hint specifically mentioning “dumping.”

After she “dumped” hitmaker Lewis Capaldi, the reality star was famously linked to him and later inspired his chart-topping song Hold Me While You Wait.

Others connected the term “dumping” to the ITV show “Love Island,” where contestants used it after being voted off.

A second clue revealed that the unknown celebrity had previously appeared on a “reality show.”

“The reality of being a firework is that you’re always looking for a spark,” the brightly colored spark explained in the VT.

Things that pique my interest are appealing to me.

“My attention span is extremely short.

I’ve always been like that, jumping from sport to sport since I was a little sparkler.

“I once won a gold medal, and I did participate in some games later in life.”

Those formative years lit a fuse in me that has allowed me to blossom into the firework that I am today.”

Paige is also well-known for having a distinctive voice, which leads many online users to believe they’ve correctly identified her.

“I’ve decided Firework from Love Island is Paige (hashtag)maskedsingerUK,” one tweet read.

This elicited a flurry of responses from like-minded show viewers.

“They sound a lot alike,” one person added.

A third pointed out, “All the clues are Love Island references.”

“One of the clues was about dumping – Love Island contestants are dumped from the Island,” said a fourth.

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