After a positive Covid test, a boy is denied permission to return home from Tenerife and attempts to flee.


After a positive Covid test, a boy is denied permission to return home from Tenerife and attempts to flee.

After testing positive for Covid and attempting to fly back to the UK, a British youngster was placed to quarantine at a Tenerife hotel.

Despite testing positive for Covid, an underage British national sought to leave Tenerife and fly to the United Kingdom.

When the anonymous kid attempted to return home with his father and grandfather, he was stopped by authorities at the island airport.

The child escaped a health center where he had been handed his fit-to-fly Covid test result by climbing through a window in a spectacular bid for freedom.

At the airport, he was detained.

As he attempted to board a plane to Britain, the child was apprehended.

He had purchased a fresh plane ticket to expedite his return home.

The airport stop took place last week, but it was only recently made public.

“National Police officers identified a British kid who was with his father and grandpa as he tried to return to the UK after testing positive in a Covid antigen test,” a representative for Spain’s National Police in Santa Cruz revealed.

“He was on vacation in the south of Tenerife and went to a clinic to get the test done. When he learned he had tested positive, he escaped the center by jumping through a window, preventing health officials from following the customary procedure in such circumstances.

“The local airport authority was notified, and surveillance was established in an operation that included the shutdown and monitoring of airport entrances,” says the report.

The boy was kept in quarantine and was not allowed to leave.

He was picked up at the airport and transferred to a hotel in Tenerife for his statutory 10-day quarantine.

It’s unclear whether the boy’s relatives have stayed in Tenerife or traveled back to the United States.

The youngster’s attempted escape might have devastating consequences.

The local health chiefs and a judge in Tenerife have been notified.

“Once the boy was picked up outside the airport, he was taken to quarantine and told he would have to stay in a room at the hotel he had signed into for 10 days,” the spokeswoman added.

“The incident has been reported to health and court officials, as well as prosecutors.”

It was evident that the tourist was attempting to avoid quarantine on purpose.

“Brinkwire Summary News”, according to police, the boy made a determined attempt to avoid self-quarantine after he was discovered.


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