After a passenger revolt, armed police take over an easyJet flight, which is described as “disgraceful.”


After a passenger revolt, armed police take over an easyJet flight, which is described as “disgraceful.”

After passengers staged a mutiny, an EASYJET flight from London Gatwick to Malaga had to return to the gate.

Passengers on the easyJet aircraft attempted to prevent two black men from being ejected from the plane after they allegedly “huffed” when forced to put their shoes on.

Passengers claimed the personnel reacted too quickly to the men’s answer.

The Malaga flight, which was taxiing and about to take off, had to return to the gate because the cabin crew had to be replaced.

Armed police were dispatched to the gate to intercede and deal with the “unruly passengers.”

Two “disobedient passengers” were on board, according to a flight attendant.

Armed officers boarded the plane and removed the two men’s passports as well as their bags.

Some holidaymakers were outraged, and told them not to get off.

EasyJet said that a new crew was called on because the previous crew’s flying hours had exceeded their limit, not because of the passengers’ reaction.

In the end, the two men, along with the rest of the passengers, stayed aboard the plane.

The flight to Malaga was three hours late due to the problem.

Others on board questioned whether the crew’s actions were influenced by the men’s race, to which easyJet responded that prejudice had no bearing on the crew’s behavior.

“They puffed, but that was it,” a passenger explained. It was awful that we were left waiting for two to three hours with no update.

“As a racial justice ambassador, I’m familiar with the mechanics of unconscious racial bias. Obviously, it’s difficult to say there was a racial issue in these scenarios, and it’s even more difficult to prove it, but was there any kind of unconscious bias present?

“Because it seems so dramatic to call the cops and have a plane carrying 160 people turn around and be delayed because of someone yelling at them. I mean, as cabin staff, you should be well-versed on how to deal with such circumstances.

“From what I recall, everyone else on the plane was white, and they were the only three black passengers. It was pretty frightening to see four armed police officers board the plane. We assumed there was someone aboard the plane who was wanted.

“They claimed they were there to avert a disturbance of the peace and remove two men off the plane, but.”


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