After a ‘last shift’ shoe blunder, Naga Munchetty says her goodbyes to her BBC Breakfast co-star.


After a ‘last shift’ shoe blunder, Naga Munchetty bids farewell to her BBC Breakfast co-star.

Naga Munchetty of BBC Breakfast sent a message to her BBC colleague on their last day, but she was forced to assist the co-star after a mishap occurred on their last shift.

On their last day in the news studio, Naga Munchetty said goodbye to one of her BBC Breakfast co-stars.

Naga sent a heartfelt message to Katherine Downes, a BBC colleague who hosts BBC Sport on the morning news program.

Katherine’s final shift at the BBC, however, was not without drama.

Katherine announced her departure from the show on Twitter on Thursday (November 25).

The sportscaster shared a number of photos from the studio, including one of her sitting on the famous red sofa with Sally Nugent and Jon Kay.

“My last shift with the sports news on @BBCBreakfast and, true to form, I’ve forgotten my shoes,” Katherine wrote.

“Borrowed some from @TVNaga01’s pantry…she has much daintier feet than I.”

“An (un)fitting finale coming up over the next three hours,” she added.

Naga, on the other hand, was there to reassure Katherine, tweeting back, “You wear them fabulously!”

Katherine has spent 14 years at the BBC, but she recently announced that it was time for a change.

“It’s given me the best of times and the best of friends,” she wrote at the start of November.

“I hope they’ll call me back now and then, but if you’re looking for a commentator, presenter, or reporter, I’ll be available beginning in November.”

“Always welcome my friend xx,” Naga replied.

Although Katherine’s fans were disappointed to learn of her departure from the BBC, they were amused by her shoe gaffe.

“I’m sorry to see you go,” one fan wrote.

Because your commentary is so good, the future looks promising.

“Katherine, I wish you safe travels.”

“Good luck on getting your last shift off on the right (and left) foot,” a second said.

“I’m so sorry to hear you’re leaving the BBC,” said a third.

“You are a fantastic sportscaster with a wealth of knowledge.

“Perhaps you can keep the heels and work as a Shoevenier…”

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