After a house fire, a pregnant reality TV star is living out of her car.


Louise Thompson has been through a devastating past few weeks. Thompson and her fiance, fellow Made in Chelsea alum Ryan Libbey, have been living out of their car in recent days in the wake of a serious house fire. The couple, who is expecting their first child together, have been living with Thompson’s mom this year as their own home undergoes drastic renovations. Unfortunately, her mom’s home went up in flames earlier this month.

The fire, which was reportedly caused when a wine cooler exploded, has forced the coupe to live on the go. They were unable to secure short-term housing and have been living out of their vehicle (while their dogs stay with friends). Even though it is a beyond stressful situation for a mother-to-be, Thompson, 31, is focusing on all the kindness and help they’ve received since the fire broke out.

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“fire officers, nhs staff, neighbours, family members, old friends, new friends, instagram friends who I hardly know, my wonderful agency, brands I work with, the lady working behind the counter in the shop, my business partners, work colleagues, fitness clients, the lady in the park this morning, strangers on the street…Thank you for your incredible support,” Thompson wrote. “I have to say I am totally overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity that people offer up when trying to help someone get through a crisis. I have had messages from people that I’ve met ONCE offer up their best friends, cousins, dogs, ex girlfriends, dads house in order to try to help. It means a lot – I feel incredibly lucky and I wish everyone could be this lucky.”

She then detailed how she’s been living, writing, “We’ve moved in and out of 4 different hotel/hostels over the past week and basically lived out of a car and the truth is that it’s been really tough – one of the hardest things to deal with has been the total lack of security and privacy. I’m experiencing a bit of social anxiety atm and sometimes I just want to hide away and not have to come into contact with other humans. You can’t do that when you’re nomadic.”

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