After a holiday accident, viewers of Loose Women implore Linda Robson to’see a doctor.’


After a holiday accident, viewers of Loose Women implore Linda Robson to’see a doctor.’

Fans of ITV’s Loose Women were alarmed when regular panelist Linda Robson disclosed she had been in an accident while on holiday in Portugal.

After admitting she wet herself after a recent accident while on holiday in Portugal, concerned ITV Loose Women viewers have advised Linda Robson to “visit her GP.”

Linda, 63, and the rest of the panel were discussing their recent vacations when the actress revealed that she and former Birds of a Feather co-star Lesley Joseph were engaged in a waterpark accident while in Portugal.

“We did everything,” Linda said of their luxurious vacation, which included parasailing, go-karts, cooking, and swimming.

“We went to a water park, and it was so nice to get away from you all!” It’s for a performance scheduled for early next year. It was a week and a half away.” The regular panelist, who recounted the story on Tuesday’s episode of ITV, went on to say that she “had a bit of an accident” while on a dingy ride, admitting she “soaked herself.”

“I had a minor mishap,” Linda explained. “We went down a water slide in a rubber dingy.” I couldn’t hold on any longer as it reached to the top of the wall.

“When we got to the bottom, the dingy landed on top of myself and three other people,” says the narrator. “I truly drank a lot of water!” While the group on Loose Women laughed and joked about the story, fans at home were alarmed and flocked to Twitter to urge Linda to see her doctor.

“What is Linda’s obsession with informing people she wets herself?” “She has to see her doctor,” one woman said to start the discussion.

A second said, “She appears to think it’s amusing,” while a third added, “She thinks she’s funny.” “It’s just a disaster.” It’s not the first time the actress has discussed her personal health on the show.

She acknowledged in July that she had left her contraceptive coil in her body for almost two decades.

The actress said that it had been left inside her body for 25 years and that it had to be removed through a painful treatment due to its embeddedness.

She explained, “I just forgot.” “When I arrived at the hospital, the gynaecologist began digging away at the coil, attempting to get rid of it.”

“He did it twice and said, ‘You’re going to have it.’ The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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