After a highly anticipated return, the Christmas Markets have been dubbed “sh**e” and “rubbish.”


After a highly anticipated return, the Christmas Markets have been dubbed “sh**e” and “rubbish.”

When comedian Jason Manford asked for ideas on which seasonal markets to take his children to, hundreds of people told him not to “bother with Manchester.” Shoppers have condemned this year’s Manchester Christmas Markets as “sh**e” and “rubbish.”

The criticism came after comedian Jason Manford sought advice on which holiday markets to take his children to.

Hundreds of people reacted on his Facebook post, telling him not to “bother with Manchester,” according to the Manchester Evening News.

Some people objected to the layout, which saw the new Winter Gardens core relocated to Piccadilly Gardens due to continuing work on the Town Hall in Albert Square, and other stalls dispersed throughout the city, including Exchange Square, King Street, St Ann’s Square, and other areas.

“With them not being in Albert Square this year, Manchester’s aren’t terrific,” Gemma Peate said.

“Avoid Manchester with kids — it’s chaotic and spread out all over the place because town hall is still shut down,” Katrina Alba said.

Gemma Taylor went on to say: “The ones from Manchester are a joke. Over and over again, the same few basic stalls.” Others stated they went over the weekend and were disappointed by the things on offer as well as the crowds.

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On Saturday, the markets were described as “stupidly packed,” to the point where all food and drink stalls on Exchange Square were told to stop selling alcohol at 6:30 p.m., two and a half hours before their scheduled closing time.

“Wouldn’t suggest Manchester; we visited over the weekend and were quite disappointed; there were plenty of places to buy food but not much else!!! Not as good as it once was!” The comedian was informed by Victoria Louise.

According to Adrian Halliwell, “Jason, I’d stay away from Manchester. We went on Saturday, and they closed it early due to the high volume of visitors!!!” “It was horrible at Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday,” Tracy McPeake concurred. Natalie Rahman expressed herself as follows: “Today I went to Manchester… they aren’t what they used to be! Piccadilly Gardens’ thing is a shambles… Outside Harvey Nicks and St Ann’s Square is the best part! Louise Newton also added: “I concur. This year has been a bit of a letdown. Today was our trip. They weren’t supposed to be outside the town hall, but they were. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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