After a fan sneaks onto the set of I’m A Celebrity, the producers ‘install bulletproof detecting cameras.’


After a fan sneaks onto the set of I’m A Celebrity, the producers ‘install bulletproof detecting cameras.’

Although the celebs may want to leave, some fans have been too eager to enter the I’m A Celebrity castle, after one fan managed to slip past six security checks.

ITV chiefs have reportedly reinforced security at Gwrych Castle, the current home of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, following a security violation.

The Amardillo, an imposing security device that alerts when an intruder is discovered and records any attempted theft on video, is frequently utilized by police.

The terrifying Armadillo, which resembles the Tardis from Doctor Who on legs, is made up of 4ft bulletproof intrusion detection cameras that have been strewn over the set.

After a fan accidently wandered onto the set lately, producers are believed to be nervous. Bosses are now concerned that trespassers may include YouTube pranksters, criminals, or the general public.

Emma Louise, 39, and her partner Andrew, 36, were collecting their caravan near Abergele’s Gwrych Castle when they decided to see if they could sneak onto the scene.

The duo said they drove passed the first security checkpoint without displaying any identification or credentials before arriving at the set.

They then claimed to have driven through five more checkpoints before coming to a halt and taking a Sunday walk about the site.

‘We have a caravan in Wales and we were in the region and just wanted to take a look,’ Emma, a mother of two from Liverpool, said. My boyfriend continued to drive, and we breezed through the first security check…

‘After that, they began waving us through.’ I’m such a big fan of the show that I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I didn’t get to go to the camp, but I was still inside the castle’s grounds!” “The Amardillo is the premier piece of security kit available in the UK,” a source told The Sun. It looks like something out of Doctor Who, but you’d c**p your pants if you came face to face with it.

‘It can produce a deafening alarm that is 16 times louder than a car starting.’ It would inflict considerable discomfort to anyone who was in close proximity to it.

‘Its lights would shock even the most skilled crooks, and its sensors won’t miss a thing,” says the author.

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