After a familial betrayal, a Coronation Street resident risks a lengthy prison sentence?


After a familial betrayal, a Coronation Street resident risks a lengthy prison sentence?

Kelly Neelan of CORONATION STREET is still in prison after the attack that killed Seb Franklin. Kelly has been in prison for a time after Corey Brent tried to place the responsibility exclusively on her, and things aren’t looking well for her. Could Laura Neelan, her mother, be poised to make things even worse?

Kelly (Millie Gibson) was arrested after the murder of Seb (Harry Visinoni), which resulted in terrible injuries for Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) in devastating moments on the ITV serial. The Coronation Street troublemaker wasn’t the only one who carried out the attack; manipulative Corey (Maximus Evans) claimed she was the mastermind behind it. Laura (Kel Allen), Kelly’s mother, is notorious for her bad behavior and is prepared to betray her teenage daughter under the pretence of caring about her side of the story.

Laura will be seen urgently trying to make money in upcoming episodes.

She contacts the Rovers and complains to Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) about being broke and unable to find work.

Carla Connor (Alison King) later informs that the factory is searching for a cleaner, and Imran secures the position for Laura.

But it appears that this will not be enough for Laura, who is looking for a quick money-making scheme.

Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) accidentally sparks an idea, and she gets one soon after.

Kel, who plays Laura, stated, “Oh, my god, she’s [Laura] such an awful mother!”

“Laura overhears Sean talking about Fiz’s piece in the media, and realizes it’s a perfect chance to make some quick cash,” she told InsideSoap.

“So Laura tests the waters to see if Kelly’s story about Seb’s murder will pique the journalist’s interest.”

Laura is fascinated when he tells her about Fiz Brown’s (Jennie McAlpine) piece in the Gazette and how they offered to pay her to write another one.

Laura grills Kelly about the night of the attack in the prison visiting room, assuring her that she may tell her anything.

The adolescent tells her mother that she has flashbacks to the incident.

Chris the journalist joins Laura in the vacant factory at her request.

Laura asks if she’d be interested in writing a story on Kelly and how much she’d be willing to pay for it.

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