After a critical case clue, Money Heist season 5 will see the professor fake his death in order for the gang to flee.


After a critical case clue, Money Heist season 5 will see the professor fake his death in order for the gang to flee.

The fifth season of MONEY HEIST is quickly approaching, and fans have been speculating about the future narrative.

Season four of the Netflix crime thriller came to an abrupt finish, and viewers are already speculating about what might happen next. An intriguing notion has surfaced, suggesting that the Professor (Alvaro Morte) may be faking his death in the upcoming installment of Money Heist.

“In season 4 episode 1 when the Professor was hiding from the bull in the container, he contacted marseille and he manufactured a car accident,” the viewer wrote on Reddit.

“He had the inspectors blood and hair put in the automobile in that car accident, and if you look attentively at the case in which he had the blood, he also had Lisbon’s blood,” they added.

“I believe the gang will flee from the back, and the Professor’s death, as well as the deaths of some of the gang members, will be staged. The user said, “If the gold doesn’t come out, they won’t be able to accomplish anything.”

As one viewer pointed out, the Professor had previously staged a car accident to divert authorities’ attention, so it’s plausible that his staged death is part of the gang’s escape strategy.

Throughout the series, it was revealed that the cunning Professor devised a scheme to carry off the world’s largest theft and print billions of Euros at the Royal Mint of Spain.

He intended to do so as a memorial to his father, Jess Marquina (Sergio Marquina), who had planned to loot the bank but was fatally shot before completing his scheme.

Jess designed the scheme to ensure that he would be able to pay for the Professor’s medical expenditures as a youngster, when he was sick and confined to bed.

The Professor gathered a bunch of robbers who wanted in on the riches for various reasons after years of honing his plan.

To hide their identities, the mastermind recruits eight thieves and changes their names to locations.

Tokyo (rsula Corberó), Moscow (Paco Tous), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Nairobi (Alba Flores), Rio (Miguel Herrán), Denver (Jaime Lorente), Helsinki (Darko Peri), and Oslo (Roberto Garca Ruiz) were among others that joined him.

The Professor was stationed far away from the eight as they entered the Royal Mint and began the sophisticated theft. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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