After a backlash, Jeremy Clarkson was forced to clarify his statements about Covid.


After a backlash, Jeremy Clarkson was forced to clarify his statements about Covid.

JEREMY CLARKSON slammed’sh*t stirring’ media for allegedly taking his statements out of context.

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has slammed “silly left-wing tabloids” for misrepresenting his views. On Tuesday, there were reports that The Grand Tour host had “struck out” at experts over the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m aware that the Guardian and other stupid left-wing publications are causing a stir.

Clarkson, Jeremy

He received backlash after saying “if you die, you die,” but Jezza has since clarified how his remarks were misconstrued.

“Jeremy Clarkson criticizes Covid scientists, stating ‘if you die, you die,’” according to several headlines.

In a retort, the former Top Gear personality wanted to be very clear about what he meant.

In light of his 7.3 million Twitter followers, he added, “I realize the Guardian and other dumb left wing papers are sh*t stirring.”

“However, I stated that ‘IF WE HAVE COVID FOREVER,’ we will have to open things up and accept that if we die, we will die.”

It comes after he expressed his views on the government’s and SAGE’s actions to tighten lockdown during the pandemic during the previous year and a half.

The star of Clarkson’s Farm suggested that instead of going back into lockdowns, the public should “walk through life with our fingers crossed,” as instructed by The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, which has been assisting the government in drafting policies during the pandemic.

“When it started, I read up on pandemics and they tend to last four years,” Jeremy said of their choices.

“I believe politicians should occasionally remind those communists at Sage to return to their box.

“Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and grin on our faces as we move through life. Boris doesn’t seem to want to open it up and shut us down again.

“However, if it’s going to take four years… and who knows, it could take 40.”

“If it’s going to be forever, let’s open it up and if you die, you die,” he continued.

After acquiring the infection during Christmas, the automotive specialist had stated that he worried he would die alone.

Jeremy expressed his fear of dying in a “lonely plastic.” Brinkwire Summary News


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