AEW uploads the entire CM Punk vs. MJF promo, which quickly rises to the top of YouTube’s trending page.


AEW uploads the entire CM Punk vs. MJF promo, which quickly rises to the top of YouTube’s trending page.

CM Punk and MJF kicked off Friday night’s AEW Dynamite with an almost 20-minute back-and-forth promo. The full segment was uploaded to All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube website later that night, and by Wednesday afternoon, it had gone to No. 2 on YouTube’s trending page. The promo part was a master lesson in itself. Friedman began by hurling obscenities at Punk, including his failed UFC career, his appearance, and so on, only for Punk to respond by claiming he was unhappy that MJF went after the easy targets while being hyped up as an unstoppable force with a microphone. He then struck him with the night’s first big hit, referring to him as a lesser-known version of The Miz.

Friedman remarked that Punk’s AEW run has been a disappointment so far, and that he’s afraid he won’t be able to live up to fan expectations now that he’s in an organization that doesn’t hold him back. He also mentioned that Punk sounded a lot like John Cena in his interviews and promos, and that he was always regarded No. 2 behind Cena and Triple H. That got under Punk’s skin, but he responded with lines about how Dr. Britt Baker had replaced MJF as one of AEW’s four pillars, how he chose Darby Allin as his first opponent because he was the true heart and soul of the promotion (not Max), how he always needs The Pinnacle’s backup and his diamond ring to win matches, and how Friedman would never become the top guy in the company unless Tony Khan had a daughter he could To tease a brawl between the two, MJF removed his coat, only to exit the ring.

What did you think of the first promo section with MJF and Punk? When do you believe the two should play each other? Let us know in the comments section! Punk was coming off a nasty and personal feud with Eddie Kingston prior to this new MJF feud. After defeating the fan favorite at Full Gear at the start of the month, the former WWE Champion issued a warning to the rest of the roster.

“I haven’t yet,” Punk responded when asked about losing. “And there are others… Summary of Entertainment News from Brinkwire.


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