Adults Who Have Finally Outgrown the Children’s Table: 33 Thanksgiving Jokes


33 Thanksgiving Jokes for Adults Who Have Outgrown the Kids’ Table

33 Thanksgiving Jokes for Adults Who Have Outgrown the Children’s Table

Thanksgiving has arrived, bringing with it two of our favorite things: plenty of food and plenty of laughs.

There’s always room for laughter around the table, even if you’re hosting a small, low-key Thanksgiving gathering this year — and the best part is that no cooking skills are required!

Without further ado, here’s a list of some of our favorite adult Thanksgiving jokes.

1) What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day? A: Quack, quack!

2) A woman approached a young man working at a supermarket who asked, “Excuse me, do these turkeys get any bigger?” “No ma’am,” he replied.

The narrator says, “These turkeys are no longer alive.”

3) Q: How do you settle a family feud this Thanksgiving? A: Press the “End Meeting” button.

4) A father informed his adult daughter that he and his wife were divorcing.

“But why, dad?” enquired the daughter.

“I’ve had enough of being unhappy for years.

“I’ve packed my bags and I’m leaving tonight!” said the father.

“Wait a minute, dad! Don’t make a hasty decision!”

I’ll be over to speak with you in a moment.

“Can you at the very least wait until tomorrow?” the daughter asked.

“All right, why don’t you bring John and the kids?” “All right, why don’t you bring John and the kids?”

“I’m sure your mother will like to see them,” the father said.

“All right,” the daughter replied.

“See you then,” said the man as he hung up the phone.

He exclaimed, “Honey! The kids are coming over for Thanksgiving!”

5) “When I was a kid in Indiana, we used to think it would be fun to buy a turkey a year ahead of time and prepare it for Thanksgiving the following year.”

We had begun to regard the turkey as a pet by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, so we ate the dog instead.

I promise I’m not serious.

“It was the cat,” exclaims David Letterman.

6) I had never shot a turkey before this year’s Thanksgiving.

In the grocery store, on the other hand, everyone was terrified.

7) So this guy goes to rehab the day after Thanksgiving.

It turned out that he couldn’t quit cold turkey.

8) A farmer with a turkey slung over his shoulder enters his house on Thanksgiving morning.

“This is the pig I’ve been sleeping with,” he explains.

“Wow, that’s a…” says the narrator.

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