Adam Peaty admits that the fallout from Katya Jones’ ‘kiss’ on Strictly was a ‘learning curve.’


Adam Peaty admits that the aftermath of Katya Jones’ ‘kiss’ on Strictly was a ‘learning curve.’

ADAM PEATY has spoken out about his “kiss” with Katya Jones, describing the incident as a “learning curve.”

After a close kiss with Katya Jones, 32, on Strictly Come Dancing, Adam Peaty, 26, received “hateful messages.”

The Olympian has admitted that he was “acting” and that he has “no respect” for those who abused him.

I was a character in a play.

Peaty, Adam

Last month, Adam and Katya wowed the Strictly dancefloor with their fiery Argentine Tango.

According to the Olympian, the couple was “so in the moment” that some viewers claimed they “almost kissed,” prompting a barrage of hateful comments on social media.

Adam apologized for the remarks at the time, but in a recent interview with The New York Times, he clarified the situation.

“I knew my role, I knew what I had to do,” Adam said to Julia Llewellyn Smith.

Adam Peaty MBE (@adam_peaty) shared a post on his Twitter account.

“I was playing a character, and I wasn’t going to do it half-assed.”

Adam admits that his experience as an Olympian has taught him how to think like a champion, and he wants to put his all into Strictly.

He sent a clear message to those who sent him “abuse” on social media at the time.

“I have no respect for you because you’re hiding yourself [online]behind another identity,” Adam said.

“The entire [social-media abuse] experience was a learning curve.”

“This was the first time we’d had to deal with something like this.”

Not only did Adam and Katya face online abuse, but his girlfriend Eirianedd Munro did as well.

They met while he was at university, and their son George was born in September of last year.

On the day of the hateful messages, Adam posted three pictures to his 593,000 Instagram followers.

The first image was of Katya and Adam performing, followed by two photographs of George, his son.

“We go again, thank you so much for all your support! Such a relief!” he captioned the photo.

“Your comments have real-life consequences for everyone who sees what they want to see.”

“Your gossip will not bring me down or overpower me.”

“Defend your energy,” he continued.

“It was great to spend some much-needed time with my son today.”

In week seven, Adam and Katya were voted out of the competition, finishing ninth.


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