Adam Frost offers advice on how to care for your garden, including when and how to prune geraniums.


Adam Frost offers advice on how to care for your garden, including when and how to prune geraniums.

ADAM FROST is a British gardener who is best known for anchoring the BBC show Gardeners’ World. To prepare your garden for the summer, the host has offered his top suggestions on when and how to prune back geraniums.

According to Adam Frost, geraniums may quickly overgrow and make your landscape look unkempt. As a result, the gardener has advised Britons to reduce their consumption of the plant now, ahead of the summer.

Adam Frost has given his best gardening recommendations, including which jobs to begin right away.

The presenter described how to prune back geraniums in your garden in a video clip shared to Gardeners’ World’s Twitter page this week.

“Hardy geraniums, like this one that’s flopped over the path, can appear a little messy after they’ve finished flowering,” he remarked.

“However, if you chop them firmly back to the ground, they’ll sprout new growth in a few of weeks.”

To get rid of the cut geraniums, Adam put them in a bucket, making his garden much more tidier and spacious.

This task, according to the gardener, should be completed now, before summer arrives.

Sowing kale was another activity he recommended.

The seeds for this nutritious vegetable can be put in the ground in early July and will be ready to eat by winter.

“It’s not too late to get some kale going for the winter,” Adam remarked.

“I like to start mine in a compost tray that I have watered prior.

“Sprinkle the seed liberally over the top and lightly cover with compost.

“It will just take a few days for the seeds to germinate, and no heat is required.”

Trimming the grass edges was Adam’s last suggestion for this week.

These, like geraniums, can overgrow and make your landscape look untidy.

With a pair of garden shears, Adam clipped the grass in his garden.

“It’s important giving the lawn edges a regular trim to freshen up your yard and help prevent grass from fleeing the borders,” the garden designer advised.

“I use a set of long-handed shears for the job,” he continued.

“However, garden shears would suffice.”

Gardeners’ World viewers were delighted to see Adam at work in his garden.

“Excellent show,” one person said about the video. Frost is fantastic.”

“I could listen to Monty and Adam all day,” wrote another.


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