Adam Frost of Gardeners’ World suggests gardening ‘projects’ to do right now that are ‘worth the effort.’


Adam Frost of Gardeners’ World suggests gardening ‘projects’ to do right now that are ‘worth the effort.’

Adam Frost, a GARDENERS’ WORLD specialist, has given some simple gardening jobs you can undertake now to keep your garden in check.

Gardener’s World will return tonight at 9.30 p.m., which is a little later than usual. Adam Frost will demonstrate how to add tall plants that prefer shady conditions to his borders on tonight’s show. He’ll also demonstrate how to create a window box for growing veggies and herbs to visitors.

The gardening expert will also offer advice on how to successfully grow plants in peat-free compost.

Nick Bailey, a garden designer, will be visiting Kew Gardens to look at their fern collection.

Kate Bradbury, a wildlife gardener, will demonstrate how she feeds visiting wildlife in her urban garden throughout the summer months.

Apple trees, according to Adam, naturally lose surplus fruit at this time of year.

“You can aid this process by limiting each cluster of maturing fruit to two or three apples,” he explained.

“This takes time, but it’s well worth it because it ensures you get the most out of your harvest.”

Roses are particularly lovely at this time of year, but when their petals curl and their color fades, it’s time to deadhead them.

“If you have a repeat flowering rose, it’s a good idea to deadhead them as the flowers fade,” Adam recommended.

“Snip off the fading blossoms beneath the head, not just the wasted petals.

“This will encourage your rose to continue to bloom.”

Strawberries are just starting to ripen if you’ve been cultivating them this year.

The delicious fruit, however, will not only appeal to humans, but also to birds.

Adam recommends covering your fruit with netting to prevent birds from eating it.

“As soft fruit ripens, it’s critical to protect it from birds,” he said.

“Take some netting and drape it around the plants, securing it all the way around.

“Make sure it’s taut so birds don’t get caught in it by accident.

“Leave it there until your fruit is mature and ready to pick.”

On tonight’s broadcast, Monty Don will not be joining Adam, Nick, and Kate.

The gardener has not given an explanation for his absence from tonight’s broadcast, but he has maintained his social media presence.


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