Adam Frost of Gardeners’ World explains how to ‘improve’ your soil and ‘keep the weeds at bay.’


Adam Frost of Gardeners’ World explains how to ‘improve’ your soil and ‘keep the weeds at bay.’

Adam Frost, host of GARDENERS’ WORLD, explains how to “enhance” your garden’s soil and “keep the weeds at bay.”

The show’s host Monty Don and colleague gardener Frances Tophill will be joined by gardening expert Adam Frost for the 18th episode of Gardeners’ World 2021 this week. Monty will demonstrate how to prune fruit, maintain ponds, and plant a colorful pot this week. Adam will travel to Brodsworth Hall in South Yorkshire to meet the head gardener, who is working to restore the grounds to their former splendor from the nineteenth century.

Frances Tophill will investigate how a couple manages to keep a garden on such a steep slope.

Adam has taken over Monty’s role as host of the show in recent episodes.

However, Monty appears to be returning this week to provide his well-known gardening advice.

Adam gave us a great tip a few weeks ago for improving your soil and keeping the weeds at bay.

While mulching the dirt around some ferns, the 51-year-old offered his suggestion.

“What blows my mind about ferns is the fact that some of those plants were around when dinosaurs roamed the Earth,” he remarked.

“You’ll find one that works well in a shady corner of your garden.

“What I’m doing here is cleaning up after the wind and rain have done their damage.

“However, I’m just mulching as I go.

“I’m using composted bark and adding around 40mm – 50mm on top, which is just shy of a couple of inches,” says the author.

“Because the soil here isn’t perfect for this polystichum, even though it thrives in somewhat drier conditions.

“As a result, not only will I assist keep the weeds at bay and the moisture in, but I will also aid to enhance the soil over time.

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“It’s also a good time to do it because the ground is damp from the recent rain.

“I am confident that I will be able to keep that moisture in the soil.”

Adam is a well-known garden designer who rose to prominence following his triumph at the Chelsea Flower Show.

With his wife Sulina, the gardening guru lives in Lincolnshire.

They have four children as well as a variety of pets, including horses, dogs, and a cat.

Gardeners’ World and other movies frequently feature his three-acre garden.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” says Adam.


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