Adam Frost: Due to his “arrogance,” the BBC favorite almost rejected down the role of Gardeners’ World.


Adam Frost: Due to his “arrogance,” the BBC favorite almost rejected down the role of Gardeners’ World.

At the age of 21, ADAM FROST was on the verge of declining his position on Gardeners’ World because he thought his younger self was “arrogant.”

Adam Frost, 52, co-host of Gardeners’ World, has revealed how he nearly missed out on a BBC presenting gig at the age of 21 because he was “so arrogant” in his twenties. The horticulturist began hosting the gardening show with Welsh host Geoff Hamilton until his death at the age of 60, and then continued after his mentor passed away.

I was so cocky that I asked if I could think about it.

Frost, Adam

Adam got a job as an apprentice gardener after his family relocated him to Devon.

However, he quickly returned to London, where he worked as a landscape gardener.

When the recession of the 1990s hit, Adam lost his job and anxiously applied for a position working at Geoff’s garden in Rutland.

Despite never having seen an episode of the BBC show, the gardening enthusiast acknowledged that he applied for the job.

“At 21?” he asked The Telegraph last month. I was too preoccupied with my friends in the pub.”

However, Adam acknowledges that the horticulturist’s charisma “wowed” him when they met.

He remarked, “I’d never been in the presence of someone captivating before, and I remember thinking, ‘wow.'”

“I believe it was Geoff’s quiet enthusiasm for horticulture that drew me in.”

Despite this, the star was passed over for the job owing to his lack of qualifications, which the TV host informed him of.

“Geoff called and said, ‘You did great, boy, but the other man is more qualified,’” Adam explained.

After failing to make the cut, the gardener concluded that gardening wasn’t for him, but he soon changed his mind after Geoff reversed his decision and offered him the job.

Geoff asked Adam whether he was still interested in working with him after explaining that the first option didn’t work out.

However, Adam now admits that his brash demeanor as a young man nearly cost him the part on Gardeners’ World.

“I was so arrogant that I asked if I could think about it?” she says. Adam made a sly remark.

He went on to say that a girlfriend suddenly “drummed some sense into him,” and he accepted the position with Geoff, which he held until his death in 1996.

Adam has since remained on the show, filling in for Monty Don and others.

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