Adam Cole on His First Month in AEW, The Source of His Insanely Popular Entrance Theme, and A Future Undisputed Era Reunion


Mere weeks after his WWE contract expired, Adam Cole made his shocking arrival in All Elite Wrestling at the end of this year’s All Out pay-per-view. In the month since then, Cole has reunited with his old friends in The Elite and clashed with the likes of Frankie Kazarian, Christian Cage, Jurassic Express and Daniel Bryan. Given his relationship with Britt Baker and his longtime friendship with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, Cole already had a pretty good idea of what AEW was going to be like when he put pen to paper on his first contract. But, as he explained in a recent interview with ComicBook, his experience with the company so far has actually been better than he expected.

“So to me, it’s over exceeded those expectations,” Cole said. “I had seen AEW kind of develop into this awesome pro wrestling promotion, kind of from its inception. Considering I’ve been really close with the Young Bucks for years, been close with Kenny Omega for years. And then kind of getting a firsthand experience seeing all the cool stuff that Britt got to do and all the cool stuff that the company as a whole got to do. And kind of seeing that momentum build from the outside was a cool perspective for me.

“So of course, I was excited that the idea of starting at AEW and working there,” he continued. “My expectations were high. But once again, from All Out going forward, I’ve just been having the absolute time of my life. It’s so great to see some of my really good friends. It’s great to work in the same company as my girlfriend Britt and the fans have just been absolutely outrageous in the best way possible. So between the super talented roster and the rowdiest pro wrestling fans on the planet, it’s been incredible.”

Check out the full interview with Cole below!

How do you keep getting the best entrance themes everywhere you go? 

I am a lucky duck. I’m very, very lucky. So yeah, it’s been so cool.

First and foremost, I’ve gotten the chance to work with some of the most talented people in the world when it comes to making really cool entrance music. Like for example, (Mikey) Ruckus has done such an awesome job with so many themes and me getting to be hands-on with him and kind of tell him my exact… Brinkwire Summary Entertainment News.


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