Actor claims Michael Jackson was ‘delusional’ because he felt his bright looks were believed by people and that his kids were biologically his own.


One of the most interesting aspects of the life of the King of Pop remains the ever-changing presence of Michael Jackson. Jackson dismissed reports of numerous plastic operations and attributed a skin disorder to his appearance.

More questions followed as Jackson’s kids were revealed to the public and they did not seem to be biracial to anyone.

Many have questioned for years whether Jackson was the biological father of his three kids. He insisted he was, but Jackson was labeled “delusional.” by one star.

With cosmetic surgery, Michael Jackson denies changing his look

Over the years, Jackson’s appearance changed dramatically. His skin not only went from chocolate brown to pale, but his facial features have changed markedly.

His nose and hair texture are among the most visible.

According to Jackson, his vitiligo – a disease in which pigment is lost in some parts of the skin, resulting in whitish patches, sometimes without a specific cause – is the cause of his skin color change. Some medical professionals say that excessive levels of stress worsen the disorder.

As with Jackson’s other alterations, by plastic surgery, he denied having altered his look. In order to correct a broken nose, he apparently confessed to doing a nose job. He told ABC News in a 2002 interview, “I didn’t have plastic surgery on my face,” he said. “Just my nose. It helped me breathe better so I could hit higher notes.”

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By claiming his hair caught fire when he was filming a Pepsi ad in 1984, Jackson justified his hair change.

But the biographers of Jackson say otherwise, describing the dysmorphia of his portrait as the result of a traumatic childhood. In a 1994 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jackson revealed he suffered from low self-esteem because he suffered from bad acne and was told by his own father he was disgusting. Jackson wanted to change his appearance, according to Margo Jefferson, in order to rid himself of the little boy he once was.

“Little Michael Jackson, you know, who grew up struggling and suffering and … thinking, ‘I’m worthless … Unless I can make this crowd go wild.’ I think he wanted to escape that Michael Jackson completely.”

Michael Jackson tackles the skin color of his children

Jackson still maintained that his three children were biologically his own – Prince, Paris and Blanket. Interestingly, before Jackson’s funeral, the public never saw the kids’ faces, since he kept their faces hidden when they were in public. This was done by Jackson to protect them from the paparazzi.

He once announced that through research, Prince and Paris were conceived by Debbie Rowe – and that Blanket was conceived by a surrogate mother.

Rowe and Paris both checked the account with Jackson. “Michael was divorced, lonely and wanted children. I offered him my uterus, it was a gift. It was something I did to make him happy.”

With Jackson, Rowe and their two daughters, there are also family pictures.

The argument made by Michael Jackson about his appearance and children is ‘delusional’ by Michael Jai White.

For years, the authenticity of Jackson’s responses about his appearance has been challenged by many.

Furthermore, many have questioned if his three children are biologically his, as many assume that they do not resemble Jackson or his relatives, nor do they seem to be a hybrid to some. Jackson has always insisted that he biologically owns his children.

But actor Michael Jai White isn’t buying the story of Jackson. He genuinely calls Jackson “delusional” and claims the fans of Jackson are so devoted to him that they neglect the obvious. During a recent interview with Vlad TV, White shared his opinion.

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“Some things just sound absolutely delusional, like ‘Oh, I just had a nose job’ or ‘These are my kids’ – you’re darker than me, dude,”Some things just sound utterly delusional, like ‘Oh, I just had a nose job’ or ‘These are my kids’ — you’re darker than me, dude. “Do people forget that Michael Jackson is darker than me, with Negro features? That’s what he really looks like.”

White argues that if they generated the same story, other celebrities would not get a free pass, using the example of comedian Eddie Murphy saying that a blond-haired and blue-eyed boy is biologically his own.

There will be a stronger backlash, according to White.

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