An ancient reptile imitated her husband to have sex with her, according to the preacher.


An ancient reptile imitated her husband, according to the preacher, in order to have sex with her.

The ancient reptile, according to the preacher, imitated her husband in order to have sex with her.

Sharon Gilbert is a well-known preacher in the United States, but due to her fantastical nature, her stories, which she claims to be true, are frequently mocked by online audiences.

According to a preacher, a reptile alien dressed as her husband attempted to sleep with her.

A preacher claims that a “reptile alien” attempted to have sex with her after imitating her husband, who is also a preacher.

On a religious television show in the United States, Sharon Gilbert made the unbelievable claim about her husband Derek yesterday.

“After Derek and I got married, this other Derek shows up in our room one night while the real Derek is lying down next to me,” Gilbert claimed on the Jim Bakker Show.

“I knew it wasn’t Derek, so I asked who he was because he appeared to be seeking sexual relations.”

“This other Derek wanted to take advantage of my free will in order to pull me away from God (have sex).”

“I took his face in my hands and said, ‘You’re a liar,’ and ‘Jesus is real.'”

I yanked the face off, and underneath it was a reptile with small creatures, like gargoyles, accompanying him.”

According to Ms., the creature claimed to be Ahasuerus, also known as Xerxes.

Gilbert is a character in the novel Gilbert and the

“From India to Ethiopia, over a hundred and seventy provinces,” he is said to have ruled.

Artabanus, a commander of the royal bodyguard and a Persian court official, is thought to have assassinated Xerxes in 465 BC, though some scholars believe his own son, Crown Prince Darius, was responsible.

Reddit users mocked the bizarre confession video.

SpiritOne wrote, “Shouldn’t we get these people some mental help, I mean, this woman is verifiably insane.”

Eksyte added, “There is no insanity within her.”

She just made something up that (in the opinion of her flock) is far too absurd to be true.

“She’s well aware that they’ll gobble up that nonsense as well.”

On the other hand, Curious_Meerkat took a more practical approach.

“When people say ridiculous things, it’s not always because they’re delusional,” he wrote.

“Sometimes they’re just bad people who don’t feel obligated to present themselves honestly and put on a show to fill the hat,” she says.

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