According to the band, Simon Cowell created Westlife’s iconic dance move during the band’s early days.


According to the band, Simon Cowell invented Westlife’s iconic dance move during the group’s early days.

Westlife’s iconic dance move was created by Simon Cowell in the band’s early days, according to the band.

As they released their new album, Westlife discussed their breakup after fourteen years in the band, as well as the advice they received from Simon Cowell, on BBC Breakfast.

Westlife’s iconic dance move, in which the band stands on four stools as the key changes during their songs, was created by Simon Cowell, according to the band.

For years, fans have adored the boyband’s signature dance move, which sees the four boys quickly rise from their stools during the song’s climax.

The foursome’s stand-up routine captivates audiences, and they still perform the unique stool trick.

According to the Irish pop group, Simon Cowell was the mastermind behind the dance move.

The band discussed their choreographed routines with hosts Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty on Thursday’s BBC Breakfast.

BBC presenter Charlie inquired about Westlife’s worst dancer while discussing the band’s dances.

Markus Feehily, who has a hard time singing and dancing at the same time, admitted it was him.

“It’s difficult for me to concentrate on both singing and dancing at the same time,” he explained, “so I’d frequently drop out of the dancer chains, which fans might notice,” but “if I had to choose one, I’d pick singing because I’m a singer.”

When Charlie asked if he ever dropped out of dances subtly, Markus replied, “Sometimes I do it really unsubtly and really awkwardly.”

He continued by mentioning Simon’s invention of the “stand-on-the-stool” trick.

“From the beginning, we’ve never really been known as dancer-dancers,” Markus explained, “but we’ve always been known for little bits of choreography…”

From the red sofa, he pointed to the four black stools in the corner of the BBC studio.

“Initially, Simon Cowell saw us standing up on a TV show,” the singer continued.

He said, ‘I love it,’ when we stood up on a key change that has since become well-known.”

To use his special trick, Simon allegedly included key changes in their songs.

“Just so we could stand up,” Markus explained, “he was adding key changes to songs that didn’t need them.”

People used to gasp when they saw the move because it was such a dramatic moment in their show, Shane said.

After fourteen years as a band, Kian said of their breakup, ”

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