According to experts, pubs should host weight-loss programs to assist men in losing weight.


According to experts, pubs should host weight-loss programs to assist men in losing weight.

According to a leading think-tank, tubby gents’ reluctance to attend on weight-loss courses implies the NHS should start operating classes from bars, barbers, and football clubs to increase uptake.

Experts believe that pubs should sponsor weight-loss programs to entice more males to participate.

According to reports, men are less likely than women to wish to lose weight and participate in NHS diet classes.

According to a report by the Social Market Foundation, holding classes in pubs, barbershops, and football clubs may promote uptake.

In England, 29 percent of women and 27 percent of men are obese.

However, 41% of males are overweight, compared to 31% of women.

To combat the problem, the paper recommends’masculinizing’ diet plans.

Men’s weight-loss campaigns should “attempt to normalize conditions that may otherwise be perceived as embarrassing or a show of weakness by raising awareness in male settings, such as pubs,” according to the paper.

Other successful programs operated from bars, such as Prostate Cancer UK’s Men United campaign, were cited by the charity.

It encouraged regulars to talk about health difficulties with one another.

Due to ‘cultural standards,’ dieting is generally perceived as a feminine pastime, according to the think-tank.

GPs should be paid more than the current £11.50 if they refer males to NHS weight loss programs, according to the report.

“Men have a much more reluctance than women to admit they have weight problems,” it said.

“Men are regularly under-represented in program referrals and enrolments since NHS weight-loss programs are not often geared for them.’

The former world’s fattest man confessed earlier this month that the pandemic pushed him to gain 20 stone after binge eating crisps due to a Covid-induced despair.

When he was the world record holder, the Brit weighed in at a whopping 70 stone (444kg).

After undergoing surgery to help him lose weight, the 60-year-old has dropped to 19st.

During lockdown, Paul, on the other hand, has put on weight.

Chronic arthritis has reduced his mobility, forcing him to spend the majority of his days in a chair.

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