According to Dr. Mosley, a simple move at your desk can burn the same amount of calories as ten marathons.


According to Dr. Mosley, a simple desk movement can burn the same amount of calories as ten marathons.

Dr. Michael Mosley is best known for his work on television and well-known diets, but he has mentioned a method for people who work from a desk to burn a lot of calories.

Long shifts at our desks can prevent us from getting the exercise we require.

After a long day of answering emails, finding the time and energy to go to the gym can be difficult.

This could be harmful to our health.

It’s also not easy to combine the two.

There are a variety of novelty items designed to encourage you to exercise while at your desk.

Work treadmills aren’t new, and Amazon has an exercise bike that also serves as a work screen.

According to Dr. Michael Mosley, there may be a useful tip to ensure that we complete all of our work and get the exercise we require.

One simple movement could help us burn more calories and stay a little bit fitter.

So, what are our options?

Dr. Michael claims that a simple movement can burn the calories equivalent to ten marathons in a year.

All you have to do now is get up.

“I’m about to do something that could really have a long-term impact on my health by lowering my blood sugars and burning a surprising amount of calories,” he said on his BBC Radio 4 podcast, Just One Thing.

It’s so easy to do that you can do it at home with no special equipment.

Dr Michael explained, “It’s as simple as that, I’m standing up.”

“I’m not going for a dog walk or doing my favorite squats.”

“All I’m doing is standing.”

The suggestion is based on a “few years ago” study in which it was discovered that standing for an extra three hours a day for a week can increase the amount of calories burned.

“A few years ago, I was a part of a study in which we asked office workers to stand for an extra three hours per day for a week.”

“We discovered that simply standing up increased their heart rates to the point where one of the researchers calculated that over the course of a year, you would burn the same amount of calories as if you ran about 10 marathons.”

Dr. Michael Mosley is a journalist and broadcaster who used to be a doctor.

He’s right there.

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