According to a travel expert, those who wait to book a Mediterranean vacation this summer may still be able to do so.


According to an expert, those who wait to book a Mediterranean vacation this summer may still be able to do so.

BRITONS who want to take Simon Calder’s advice and wait before booking their vacations may be concerned that they will miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Holidaymakers can still go to the Med if they book late, according to Cat Jones, founder of travel company Byway.

“I’m holding off booking,” Simon Calder said in an interview with Lorraine on ITV.

Because, while I’m confident that this year will be far better than last, I don’t want to be caught like so many others.” The travel expert acknowledged the abundance of great deals currently available, but he said he would put off booking a vacation for the time being.

According to Cat Jones, founder of travel company Byway, holidaymakers who follow the expert’s advice will still be able to book their dream Mediterranean vacation.

They may, however, need to be more adaptable, which Cat described as “a joy.”

“It’s an opportunity, the way travel is working now, you either know what you’re doing, you book months in advance with a package company, you’re sorted, you’re done,” she told this website.

“You can either wait and see, or you can book something last-minute and be flexible.”

“However, I believe that being flexible in that way brings a lot of joy.”

“Holiday companies are desperate to sell you those fantastic big summer holidays right now,” Simon told Lorraine, “because frankly, they need the money,” but Byway discovered that last-minute worked for them.

Cat explained that the company, which was founded “the week we went into lockdown” and has only ever operated in a “post-Covid world,” has never had any issues with last-minute orders.

“Sixty percent of people who have booked with us have booked for two months later,” she explained.

“25% are booking for a period of less than a month.”

“We get a lot of last-minute requests,” says the narrator.

Last year, we were able to take advantage of last-minute bookings because we specialize in slow travel and encourage our customers to venture off the beaten path.”

Cat knew there were “a plethora of options” for vacationers who had postponed their vacation plans, but there was a catch: “you have to be eager to get away somewhere, as well as flexible.”

Flexibility didn’t have to mean a vacation in the middle of nowhere or skipping out on some of the most popular vacation spots.

“If you have a region,” Cat clarified.

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