According to a survey, the average holiday bucket list will take 11 years to complete and cost £35,790.


According to a survey, the average holiday bucket list will take 11 years to complete and cost £35,790.

According to a survey, the average travel bucket list will take 11 years to complete, covering 16,357 miles and costing £35,790. Holidaymakers from the United Kingdom are often barely a third of the way through their bucket list of dream places and spectacular experiences throughout the world.

Some of the most popular things on our travel bucket lists include seeing the northern lights, traveling in the Caribbean, and climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

There are several fantastic activities on the UK’s ultimate bucket list.

Royal Caribbean International’s Ben Bouldin

Australia, Canada, Alaska, Barbados, and the Bahamas are among the must-see destinations at the top of the list.

The study, commissioned by Royal Caribbean International, which recently celebrated its return to cruising in the UK, also discovered that nearly half of our bucket lists had become longer as a result of the pandemic.

And they’re getting so long that 70% of people are worried they won’t be able to tick everything off.

“With so much time away from travel, UK families have been planning their dream vacations over the last months,” said Ben Bouldin, vice president, EMEA, Royal Caribbean International.

“According to the research, the average UK holidaymaker has roughly 12 must-do events on their bucket lists, which is constantly expanding.

“The UK’s ultimate bucket list includes some fantastic activities, and it’s probable that they’ll want to plan their next vacation so that they can enjoy a variety of things in one trip.”

When adding a place to their bucket list, UK vacationers look for stunning scenery, a variety of activities and excursions, opportunity to learn about diverse cultures, and delectable cuisine.

Walking along the Great Wall of China, island hopping in Greece, and swimming with dolphins are among the top 20 activities in the country.

Many of those questioned also want to ride the Orient Express, stay in a Maldives overwater house, and see the sights from the Empire State Building.

According to the report, half of people (49 percent) consider crossing off activities and experiences on their travel bucket list to be one of their most important life goals.

As a result, 56% of respondents stated they constantly consider how they can cross items off their bucket list while planning a vacation.

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