According to a charity shop addict, luxury clothing is less expensive than Primark purchases.


A savvy shopper bought cheap and 100% legitimate designer clothes by searching charity shops in posh London areas like Chelsea and Knightsbridge, finding brands at a fraction of the retail price

A frugal fashionista has left people very jealous after showing off a designer clothes haul she bought “for less than Primark” prices.

In a TikTok video, thrift shopper Ashleigh Jayne @xashleighjayne reveals her best finds.

She wrote: “I went thrift shopping in the most expensive areas of London and this is what I bought.”

Ashleigh then shows off her haul, featuring a Coast wristlet for £30, and an All Saints denim jacket for £20.

In the second part of her video, she revealed she got a Ralph Lauren shirt for £18, an All Saints blazer for £9, and a Hunter raincoat for £22.

A quick internet search shows an All Saints blazer would cost upwards of £130 new, while an off-the-shelf hunter raincoat would set you back £135.

In another video, she jokes: “When you go into Primark and realise their clothes cost more than thrifting Levis or Ralph Lauren.”

Ashleigh said she even saw A-lister brands like Chanel, but even secondhand these were out of her price range.

Her videos have been “liked” more than half a million times on the app and thousands of people have left comments, with many inspired to go on their own charity shop bargain hunting mission.

One impressed viewer said: “The Hunter raincoat… What a great find.”

“All Saints blazer was the best buy,” commented someone else.

“So many good finds!” said another fan.

A few people in the comments were dismissive of the bargains, with one writing: “Not thrift just cheap second-hand clothing.”

“You can find all of these in Vinted for half the price,” claimed another viewer.

Responding to one troll who didn’t seem to agree with buying secondhand, Ashleigh said: “Buying secondhand is cheaper, better for the environment, and in this case funds a good cause, it’s a win all round.”

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