According to a body language expert, RHOBH’s ‘arrogant’ Erika Jayne is ‘not sorry’ as she addresses Tom’s ‘claimed victims.’


According to a body language expert, RHOBH’s ‘arrogant’ Erika Jayne is ‘not sorry’ as she addresses Tom’s ‘claimed victims.’

As she addressed the victims of her ex-husband Tom Girardi’s alleged theft, REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills actress Erika Jayne came out as “arrogant” and “unapologetic.”

Erika was trying to hold back her emotions while addressing her “friends,” according to a body language expert who studied the housewife’s body language.

Erika addressed the widows, orphans, and others who accused her husband Tom Girardi of embezzling millions of dollars on yesterday night’s part one of the season reunion.

Erika, 50, was questioned right away by host Andy Cohen if her counsel urged her to leave RHOBH because of her estranged husband’s legal troubles.

When Andy, 53, pressed for an answer, the Pretty Mess singer said, “They did.” I declined because I have nothing to conceal.

“‘This s**t will be turned around’ and might be used against you,’ they said. I’ve considered it, but I’m not one to give up easily.

“I didn’t want to flee from everything that was happening to me.” So I decided to stay.” She then addressed the victims in public for the first time since the story broke in November 2020.

When asked what the most common misperception about her is, Erika responded, “That I’m frigid and have no sympathy.”

“However, I’m in a near-impossible predicament.” And I want everybody who has been wronged to be made whole.

“I’m speaking about the claimed victims of Tom’s alleged wrongdoings, and it’s critical that people hear what I’m saying.”


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Persons were enraged not only because Erika took nearly a year to address the people involved in the case, but also because she continued to refer to them as “alleged” victims.

And it’s understandable, given that Erika came across as a little brusque, according to body language expert Judi James.

James interpreted her statement as follows: “Erika states, “It’s critical that people hear that from me,” though she doesn’t specify what they should hear.

“Her body language does not define an apology in this short footage, nor does it make her appear subservient or modest. She claims to have empathy, but empathy is a show-don’t-tell attribute, and she isn’t displaying any evident indicators of it in this situation.

“It’s possible that the emotional outbursts came later, but this clip appears to demonstrate masking. Before the clip concludes, it is unclear what emotions she may be concealing.

“It could be swagger or arrogance in the face of what she perceives to be unjustified accusations…. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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