ABBA: ABBATAR holograms give incredible ‘first look’ at 2022 Voyage Tour.


ABBA: ABBATAR holograms give incredible ‘first look’ at 2022 Voyage Tour.

Benny and Bjorn of ABBA came in London today for the Swedish group’s big announcement about their upcoming ABBA Voyage tour and new songs, which will incorporate virtual reality holograms of the four band members. On the link below, you may see the live ABBA Voyage announcement.

The band parted in 1983, but there have been frequent claims since 2016 that Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha, and Frida were reuniting and working on new music as well as a live hologram musical event. The first video teaser for the impending ABBA Voyage experience was released last week. They formally joined Tik Tok on Monday. And today, in London, an official statement to the world will be made, which will be streamed live on Youtube. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE ABBA ANNOUNCEMENT IN REAL TIME.

Travelers were greeted at Waterloo Station today with a massive digital display promoting ABBA Voyage, which was fitting.

It was accompanied by an incredible photo of the four members as ABBA members, which you can see here. The advertisement’s sci-fi, Tron-like aesthetic was also immediately noted by commentators.

This corresponds to all rumors that the holograms will represent the four stars during their heyday in 1979.

Carl Magnus Palm, who has authored several books about ABBA, told the press that the hologram technology would far transcend that of Whitney Houston and Elvis Presley: “It will seem more lifelike, and they will look like they did in 1979.”

According to reports, the new ABBA Voyage show will debut next year at London’s Olympic Park in Stratford, with eight performances each week.

Benny previously explained how Simon Fuller, the creator of Pop Idol, approached the band with the concept.

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Waterloo Station hosts ABBA! I like how futuristic it is; it goes well with holograms. Faces to remember #ABBA #ABBAVoyage #ABBA2021 #ABBAWaterloo #ABBAWaterloo #ABBAWaterloo

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