A Zombicide Game Is Revealed In Marvel Zombies.


A Zombicide Game Is Revealed In Marvel Zombies.

CMON and Spin Master Games announced a Marvel Zombies game in an outlandish style, displaying a gigantic Zombie Galactus figure as a teaser. They’ve now confirmed that a Marvel Zombies game will be made as part of the ever-popular Zombicide franchise, with Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game being their 50th Kickstarter. So far, we’ve seen Galactus (who stands at 2 feet tall) and Silver Surfer (who appears to be a speck in comparison to Galactus), and while we don’t yet have a full list of characters who will be available in the game, the new artwork shows Spider-Man and a zombified Captain America, so they’ll almost certainly be included. You may sign up for campaign notifications right here.

CMON announced the new game in a new Twitter tweet, with the caption “Superheroes are accustomed to dealing with villains… But, when an extraterrestrial infection turns them into flesh-eating monsters, will they be able to face THE HUNGER? Our 50th Kickstarter campaign, MARVEL ZOMBIES: A ZOMBICIDE GAME, is our biggest and boldest project to date. https:cmon.comarvel-zombies” For those unfamiliar with the Zombicide franchise, the game is a cooperative affair in which you and your fellow players take control of a crew of survivors in a Zombie apocalypse, and you’ll need to complete a variety of missions along the way to ensure your crew survives and has the equipment and weapons necessary to take down all types of undead, including the ultra-powerful Abominations.

Abominations are extremely dangerous and are frequently larger than the usual zombie minions and players on the board, though not always to this extent. Taking against Galactus in Marvel Zombies Zombicide could be great, and I’m excited to see how the game incorporates diverse superhuman abilities in favor of more typical talents. Characters generally appear in Galactus-sized events, which have included the Fantastic Four, Thor, and others in the past, but we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

There is currently no date set for the Kickstarter launch of Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game.

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