A year after his wife’s passing, John Travolta charms fans with a candid photo from the family home.


A year after his wife’s passing, John Travolta charms fans with a candid photo from the family home.

JOHN TRAVOLTA has surprised followers by sending a rare update on Instagram, which includes a photo of his lovely pet dog.

Last week, John Travolta resorted to social media to give his admirers a heartwarming update. One year after the death of his wife Kelly Preston, the 67-year-old actor was spotted enjoying time with his pet dog.

At the age of 57, the American actress died at the couple’s Florida home in July 2020.

Kelly had been told she had breast cancer two years before.

The Grease star tweeted a photo of himself relaxing in bed with his four-legged pal last week.

Nuzzling up to his neck, the cute pooch could be seen.

He captioned the photo, which he put online in front of his 3.6 million followers, “Some pets are simply so sweet.”

The actor was immediately deluged with fan responses.

One follower responded, “Dogs are literally the best!”

A second added, “Man’s best friend.”

Others were curious about the puppy, with one speculating that it was a Miniature Pinscher and another speculating that it was a Prague Ratter.

John spoke about the loss of his wife and how his children were dealing with their mother’s death during a recent interview with Kevin Hart.

His ten-year-old kid was concerned that he would die as well, he informed the program.

“Once, he stated to me, ‘Because mum died.’ You’re going to’,” I’m afraid.

The actor spoke to his son in a straightforward manner.

‘But, Ben, you always adore the truth, and I’m going to give you the truth about life,’ I continued. Nobody knows how long they’ll be gone or how long they’ll be staying.

“’Your brother [Jett] left when he was 16 years old. Too inexperienced. Your mother departed when she was 57 years old. That was a really young age. But who are we to say? I could pass away any day now. It’s possible. Anyone can do it.

“‘So let us treat it as if it were a natural part of life. You have no idea what you’re talking about. You simply do your best to live as long as possible.’”

John celebrated Father’s Day in June by posting a nice family portrait with his children Ben and Ella Bleu, both 21.

He described becoming their father as a “privilege.”

Jett, John and Kelly’s eldest son, was born to them.

“Brinkwire Summary News” reported that the boy, who had autism and was claimed to have suffered from recurrent seizures, died.


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