A woman’s ‘game-changing’ aircraft ticket hack has gone viral.


Kevine McMillan said the trick worked mostly on low-cost carriers and it worked perfectly for “future trips” and it can save up to £72 for a round trip depending on the airline

A woman has shared a genius travel hack to buy flight tickets at a discount of at least half their original price.

Kevine McMillan joked she was “today years old” when she first discovered the trick by buying a domestic flight ticket from Orlando, Florida to Denver in Colorado, US.

She shared how she did it on TikTok, saying: “You can actually go to the airport and purchase your tickets at the counter and get up to $20 (£14.56) to $50 (£36.35), sometimes even over $100 (£72) off what you see online.”

The travel expert said she personally tried it out on low-cost carriers like Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Airlines.

On the flight ticket she showed on the video, she saved more than $40 (£29) for two adult tickets and only paid $32.80 (£23.85).

In another clip, she explained that she first searched for the flight using Google Flights and picked the cheapest at the available times before heading to the airport and purchasing it at the counter.

Kevine said her round trip ticket was originally $79 (£57).

While some viewers were dubious about the trick, others said they tried it and it worked for them.

“I do this all the time,” one said. “I actually took some co-workers with me to buy tickets. We paid $38 round trip to Las Vegas.

A second added: “It worked. $105 down to $75 for two tickets.”

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Another noted: “Oh wow, I always thought buying at the last minute at an airport would be insanely expensive.”

But Kevine said it’s a “game-changer” and clarified that she used it to buy “future flights”.

One asked: “So you’re saying I can purchase my tickets today for a flight next year?”

Kevine said that’s how she always does it and it’s cheaper because it deducts the online handling fees.


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