A woman who was once asked out ‘as a joke’ dazzles as she flaunts her new look.


A woman who was once asked out ‘as a joke’ dazzles as she flaunts her new look.

Bailey, who goes by the handle @baileyspinn on TikTok, claims she used to get asked out as a “joke,” but now she’s retaliating by showing naysayers what she looks like now.

A lady who claims she was asked out as a “joke” has retaliated by showing her critics what she looks like now.

Bailey, who goes by the handle @baileyspinn on TikTok, used the platform to publish a brief video clip of her metamorphosis.

The video opened with a photograph of herself as a child.

She was shown without makeup, braces, and brunette hair.

The shot was captioned, “Bro, go ask for her snap as a joke, it’ll be hilarious,” and was uploaded over George Michael’s Careless Whisper.

Bailey was then seen singing over the tune, as she appears to be doing now.

She had flawless makeup on, including winged eyeliner and luscious lips.

Her golden hair was mildly disheveled, and she had plaits in her tresses.

Her braces were also removed as she flashed her gleaming white smile.

Bailey was spotted singing over the part of the song where it says, “We might have been so good together.”

The video went viral on TikTok, with over 343,000 likes and thousands of comments.

“No, I refused to believe that’s you,” one person exclaimed when she saw her makeover.

Another added, “At first, I didn’t even recognize this as your video.”

“You had the brightest light up,” said a third.

“If my shine up isn’t like this, I don’t want it,” a fourth said.

Model Bailey has 155,000 followers on her Instagram profile, where she publishes images of her glossy lifestyle in addition to sharing comedic videos on TikTok.

Another woman recently went from ‘grandma to girlfriend’ with an astounding makeup change, as TikTok stars are known for sharing their transformation stories.

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