A Walmart employee reveals how they can tell whether someone is stealing at the self-checkout line.


We’ve become so accustomed to self-checkout lanes in grocery stores that it’s a bit aggravating whenever you got into one and see that the option isn’t available.

This is especially true of Walmart, one of America’s largest brick-and-mortar retailers that are known for its low, low prices, the subject one of the internet’s earliest hilarious, if not a bit mean, viral meme websites, and for having a gajillion cash register lanes, with only two open to process transactions at the same time.

Personally, I’ve returned my items so many times due to long lines that I entirely stopped shopping at Walmart for years, until I heard my local one implemented a self-checkout lane.

It’s understandable why some stores would be wary of installing these in a location, however. It definitely seems like a shoplifter’s dream come true.

Faking out the weight system shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if one knows how heavy the items they plan on buying beforehand are. All you’d have to do is get the appropriate poundage down and you’d be able to scan lower-cost items to score a couple of free goodies on your own without arousing suspicion.

But one Walmart employee revealed how the store goes about stopping would-be thieves.

@thewalmartguy69 (nice) posted a clip to TikTok that’s making the rounds on the popular social media platform with a text overlay that reads: “POV: We know when you’re stealing.”

In the clip, the employee shows a nifty little gizmo developed by Zebra Technologies that’s designed specifically for retailers to “spy” on customers and survey the items they’re bringing to self-checkout.

In the clip, the device can be seen monitoring the items customers scan and if there’s anything amiss, it will “register alerts.” The scanner is supposed to ascertain whether or not there’s any tomfoolery going on and if customers are actually scanning everything they put into their bags at self-checkout. You check out (heh) the post below:

We know😳#walmart #work #fyp #stealing

While there were some people who were impressed and/or a bit scared of trying to sneak that extra pack of string cheese into their bag during their next Walmart visit, others plainly stated that they didn’t put much faith in the gadget developed by Zebra technologies.

“I walked out of Walmart with one of those big bags of dog food because I forgot to pay for it. It was under the cart; I didn’t… Brinkwire short summary.


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