A third of couples consider their partner to be the “most unpleasant person” they know.


A third of couples consider their partner to be the “most unpleasant person” they know.

Because of their unpleasant tendencies, a third of persons in relationships regard their other half to be the “most obnoxious person they know.” According to a survey of 2,000 adults, they spend a fifth of their day irritated by their partner’s snoring, passing wind, loudness, messiness, and rudeness.

Other common complaints include not listening, chatting through TV shows, and being lousy with money, as well as leaving crumbs on the kitchen counter, using their phone in the middle of a conversation, and leaving clothes on the bedroom floor.

Some of the most annoying spouse habits that Brits have voted on are unsurprising.Marina Clowes, LG Electronics

However, 41% secretly adore their partner’s annoyances and wouldn’t have it any other way.

LG Electronics commissioned the study as part of a push to demonstrate how smart technology may reduce domestic conflict.

“It’s no surprise to see some of the most prevalent unpleasant spouse habits that Brits have voted on,” LG Electronics’ Marina Clowes remarked. Some of these, I’m sure, we can all relate to.

“It’s interesting to see how many of these can be solved at home if you have the correct smart technology devices, such as TVs with algorithms that learn your preferred viewing genre, noise-cancelling headphones, and even steam closets to revive your “floordrobe” stuff,” she says.

“We understand the importance of the advantages that technology goods provide to families and everyday living at home.

“We’re continuously searching for ways to improve them and add value, so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.”

Respondents also stated that their spouses have an average of five bothersome habits, and that they believe they share the same number.

And while 37% believe they irritate each other equally, more than a quarter of men believe they irritate their partner more.

However, 68 percent of people are irritated by little annoyances.

While more than a third will always call out obnoxious behavior, 52 percent will choose their moment more wisely.

When they do, their partner’s reply is to joke about it and downplay it, according to a quarter of respondents, while one in five claim they are completely disregarded – and just 15% apologize.

Almost half of those polled say they’ve found theirs. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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