A terrified woman screams when she discovers an unusually pink egg in her frying pan.


A terrified woman’screams’ when she discovers an unusual pink egg in her frying pan.

Beena Sarangdhar, from Hertfordshire, was mortified when she discovered a pink egg in her frying pan while preparing a meal recently.

When a woman was cooking, she was surprised to find an unusual egg in her pan.

Beena Sarangdhar, from Hertfordshire, made the startling discovery while looking for eggs earlier this week.

Her children rushed to the kitchen to see what the commotion was about after she discovered the pink egg in the pan.

The mother claims she purchased the eggs from her local supermarket and was undecided about whether or not to eat them because they were past their expiration date.

HertsLive reports that after posting a photo of the eggs on a local Facebook group, she was immediately warned not to touch them.

“I had an egg craving and cracked it open in the frying pan as usual,” she explained.

“I screamed when it fell into the pan because I had never seen a pink egg before.”

“The kids came running to see what had happened, and their reaction was typical, [they said]‘errrr,'” she continued.

The other eggs were fine, but Beena had never seen anything like it before.

“I cracked the other two eggs from the same box,” the parent continued, “but they were normal.”

“It was strange because they were all in date and only a few of them were left.”

They were purchased at the local Asda in Watford.

“It put me off for a moment, but everyone wanted egg on toast after that!”

So, what should you do if your pack contains a pink egg?

A cloudy egg white, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, indicates that the egg is very fresh.

A clear egg white indicates that the egg is getting older.

Pink or pearly egg whites, on the other hand, indicate Pseudomonas bacteria spoilage.

In short, if you see a pink egg in your pan, throw it out right away.

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