A run-down Cornwall property that looks like a crime scene is going under the hammer for £40,000.


A run-down Cornwall property that looks like a crime scene is going under the hammer for £40,000.

A NEGLECTED two-bedroom property in Cornwall, in severe need of love and care, is ready to go under the hammer for £40,000.

A buyer who is willing to take on the massive task of a comprehensive clean-up and has the vision to realize the home’s genuine potential will be required. Bags of trash and different possessions from the previous owner have been left on the decrepit property.

A two-bedroom terraced house in Camborne, which is poised to go under the hammer at auction, might appeal to a buyer searching for a property with a low price tag.

With a price of only £40,000, the house is likely to generate a lot of interest.

According to Rightmove, which is offering the property on its website, homes in the region normally sell for £160,000.

However, before moving in, the house will require a thorough cleaning and deep cleaning.

The property is littered with various stuff, including trash on the floors, clothes, and empty alcohol bottles, according to the images.

Wallpaper is peeling off the walls in one of the bedrooms, and miscellaneous belongings clutter the floor.

There is an unmade bed among the things, as well as chairs and two wardrobes.

Another room with peeling paint on the walls and ceiling has been photographed.

Various items of furniture, including a chest of drawers and a bookcase, have been left with an unmade bed.

In another room, there are several bin liners and empty alcohol bottles on a shelf.

A Union Jack flag may be seen in the property’s front window.

The kitchen has a built-in cabinet and appears to be in better shape than the other rooms.

Several objects, including an iron and food, have been left in the room.

Tiles may be found in one of the two bathrooms, which also has a bath and a shower cubicle.

The home is close to George Eustice’s constituency office, who is the environment secretary.

A lime green painted front door and wooden window frames distinguish the terraced dwelling.

A window on the second level has been boarded up, according to photos on the website.

On social media, the property has gotten a lot of attention.

“This house for sale on Rightmove looks like a crime scene,” says the author. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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