A Repair Shop visitor sobs at the restoration of his father’s Beatles memento.


A Repair Shop visitor sobs at the restoration of his father’s Beatles memento.

In the most recent episode of THE REPAIR SHOP, guest Hannah Clive was shown the restoration of her father John’s Beatles memento, which brought tears to her eyes.

On the most recent episode of The Repair Shop, host Jay Blades welcomed Hannah Clive, who was excited to get her father’s Beatles keepsake fixed. Lucia Scalisi, an art conservator, was tasked with bringing the yellow submarine back to life, and the results had Hannah in tears.

Hannah described to Jay and Steve Fletcher how significant her father’s Beatles memento was to her in an emotional episode of the BBC show.

“This belonged to and was given to my father, the television screen actor John Clive,” Hannah added.

“Among his many roles, he voiced John Lennon in the Yellow Submarine movie.

“On the night of the premiere in 1968, he was given this.”

Hannah reflected on her father, saying, “My dad was an all-rounder; he could sing, dance, write, act, and do all of those things.”

“When we were kids, he was always making us laugh.”

Hannah told Jay that she used to play with the submarine in the bath and “on the carpet in the hall” when she was a kid.

She said that the film inspired her entire career decision because she used to watch it “over and over again.”

“Without this yellow submarine, I wouldn’t do what I do,” Hannah said when Jay inquired what the item meant to her.

“In 2012, my father passed away. He told me, ‘Han, I want you to have this,’ and he handed it to me because he understood how much the movie meant to me.’

Hannah explained the work that needs to be done on the submarine to Jay and Steve, explaining that she doesn’t require it to be “spick and span” because she believes this is part of its “life and story.”

“If there’s anything you think you could do, I’d be very grateful,” she said Jay and Steve.

Steve examined the item later in the program and explained that, while it is composed of fine metal, the artwork is tarnished.

He added that the funnels that come out of the top of the submarine were his biggest concern, but that as an expert, he was able to repair them.

Hannah went back to. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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